3 Days Workshop + 1 Day Live Trading on Stock Markets and Derivatives Trading

This course is for all beginners, existing traders and working professionals, People who want to have an additional source of income, recover losses and achieve financial freedom.


120 Minutes
Starts 27 August
30th August Live Trading
6PM to 8PM
Ends 30 August
Live Session

Vijay Teggihal and Noor Mohamad
Reserve a seat before August 26th 11:00PM to avail 90% discount

Reserve Seat for ₹1200 ₹12,000

What will you learn in the workshop?

In a Practical First approach, this is what you will Learn
Day 1 : Basic to Advanced knowledge on Equity,Index and Futures
  • Introduction ( Participants and Host)
  • Brief intro to stock market and Trading as an opportunity
  • Introduction to Derivatives, Futures and Options
  • Understanding the Risk factor and challenges of accepting risk
  • Options Trading Opportunity, Risk and Reward
Day 2 : Futures and Options - Advanced
  • What is a Call and a Put
  • What is Option Premium ? How does the option premiums vary with the underlying?
  • Who is an option buyer and Seller? Advantages and risks of buying Vs Selling
  • Moneyness of an Option (ITM, ATM, OTM)
  • Intrinsic Value (IV) of an option
  • Premium Erosion
Day 3 : Technical Analysis
  • How to read technical Charts
  • Introduction to Basic Indicators - RSI, VWAP, SuperTrend, Moving Averages
  • Identifying Support and Resistances
  • Using Trend Lines to predict breakouts
  • CandleStick Analysis - Introduction to Basic Bullish and bearish Candle Sticks patterns
  • Trading Setup and Back testing
Day 4 : Live Trading
  • Implementing first 3 days of knowledge by doing price action based momentum trading.

Who is this workshop for?

Traders who are in search of a holy grail and have made losses.
Students who want to pursue a career in Stock Market, save funds for a higher education.
Housewives/Retirees who have time and want to make an additional source of income for family and keep themselves busy with work. That can pay them more than a primary source of income.
Working Professionals and Businessmen who want to make additional money for early retirement

How does this workshop work?

In this hands-on workshop, you will attend live sessions from the trainer who will share his practical knowledge about trading which is not available in any book.
Attend Live Workshop
practice everyday in the market
Clear your doubts via common community group
Implement your knowledge in live markets

Reserve seat for ₹1200 ₹12,000

You may not believe me, but you can believe them

Experiences shared by people who previously attended this workshop
and many more heartfelt responses….
There is nothing more happy for me than seeing a smile on the participants face after they learn something new.

Questions generally asked about the workshop

Who is this course for?

This course is for all beginners, People who have lost money, People who want to make more money. People who want to make the stock market as a primary source of income or secondary. Students, Working professionals, Retirees and Housewives.

What is the Age criteria?

Above 16+

Do I need to have money to do this?

Yes and No. Depends on what kind of financial goals you have for yourself.

Will there be support provided after the end of the Workshop?

Yes, Participants will be added to a Telegram group where periodic updates will be provided related to Stock markets and derivatives markets, and participants can stay in touch with the trainers and latest updates.

What is Live Trading and do I have to trade with real money?

On the last day of workshop, participants will be able to be part of Live trading, where they will be able to trade in Live markets either with real money or they can even do Virtual trading. Assistance will be given by trainers to the participants on their Live trading preference before Day 5.

Reserve seat for ₹1200 ₹12,000